Other Vehicles

Christchurch's finest vehicle trimmers

No matter how minor or major, the vehicle trimmers at NZ Vinyl Repair & Trim Shop can fix it! We can help with everything from rips, tears and burns to complete restorations. Call Derrick and Adam in Christchurch today to enquire about their services.

Work done by vehicle trimmers in Christchurch


New boat

Want to upgrade the look of your boat? If you have a special project such as a complete restoration or a modified work in progress or just a tidy up, then you need the experts at NZ Vinyl Repair & Trim Shop. We can:-

  • Repair or re-trim your seats
  • Repair or replace your carpet
  • Repair, replace or design a cover for your boat and or engine


Seat getting uncomfortable on your motorbike? Our vehicle trimmers can repair, rebuild and recover the material on your motorbike so that it looks and feels like new. We only use the finest quality materials when completing works on your vehicle. Call us in Christchurch today to find out more!



A caravan trailer

Caravans are your home away from home, so why not make it more comfortable inside? NZ Vinyl Repair & Trim Shop in Christchurch can repair your seats, squabs and carpets or perform a complete re-trim.

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